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Nintendo 3DS: Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow (review)

Release date: February 2016 (Red and Blue originally released in Australia in 1998 on the Game Boy, followed by Yellow in 1999) Format: Digital download (eShop) Other platforms: NA Price: $13 AUD (each) Not long ago I waxed lyrical about how much … Continue reading

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Nintendo Direct – March 4, 2016

On March 4th, 2016 (March 3rd in most other parts of the world), we got a new Nintendo Direct. Since I have this gaming blog, I thought to myself, “Why not add my pointless hot takes to all the other … Continue reading

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Pokémon 20th Anniversary

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that hearing that Pokémon has been out for 20 years has made me feel really old. I still remember being in Big W with my grandmother when I was 11 or 12 … Continue reading

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