Tokyo Treat – July 2017 Premium Box

Time for another Tokyo Treat box! I hadn’t had one for a few months but when I saw the abundance of chocolate and fruit-flavoured treats that would be in July’s box, I signed up again.

As usual, the box was packed to the brim, so let’s get stuck into it!

Dagashi Bag
First up is the Dagashi bag, which is apparently a relatively new addition to Tokyo Treat. Instead of getting a few set dagashi sweets, you get a little plastic bag with four or five random ones along with the rest of the Tokyo Treat goodies. It doesn’t actually say what each one is, but I’ll write them up as I eat them…

Not being able to read a single character of Japanese, I posted a picture of these on Twitter to ask if my followers knew what they were, so I was mostly informed before I started pigging out on them (thanks to HyperTigerXT and alpacawesome on Twitter for helping me out). Moving clockwise from the left, the white bag with Japanese characters on it contained little chunks of some crunchy, savoury thing which is apparently called mochi taro. These rice snacks tasted a bit like croutons; nothing earth shattering, but they were a nice snack (and for some reason there were two or three random peanuts in the packet as well…). The second thing, which had “Fruits Doughnuts” in English on the packet, was… Well, I don’t know what it was supposed to be, because it was melted and squashed beyond recognition. But when I opened it and started eating it, it was a tough gummy lolly with a sour taste, similar to those sour gummy worms. The packet with the little lizard critter on it contained small brown balls. From the drawing on the back of the packet, it seems that as you suck on them, they change colour to reveal their flavour; in my case, I got grape ones (they taste the same as grape Zappos I used to buy in high school). The long thin item on the right was Umaibo, which seemed like a long tube of Cheezel-textured substance with a strong savoury, slightly spicy flavour. Apparently it’s an octopus flavoured corn snack, which surprised me; I generally dislike seafood flavours, but this was really nice. Finally, the item in the bottom centre was a kind of scroll cake with butter cream flavouring. This one was a little disappointing. Not because it tasted bad, but because it didn’t taste like much of anything. The cake itself tasted like standard vanilla/plain cake, but there was hardly any of the cream filling, so while it was sweet, it wasn’t anything special.

Melon Cream Soda Candy
These are solid candy balls that taste like melon as you suck them, but once you get to the centre they have a vanilla ice cream-flavoured filling. These were a nice sweet lolly.

One’s Bar Salty Vanilla Chocolate
Being a chocolate lover, this was one of the treats I was most looking forward two. Vanilla flavoured chocolate with added salt. I’m not a huge fan of salted caramel but I thought the salt might be an interesting contrast with the sweet vanilla. Unfortunately, the chocolate was pretty average. Firstly, when I opened the box, I was disappointed to discover that instead of being mostly full of chocolate, it only contained three individually wrapped sticks of chocolate that took up less than half the space in the box. The chocolate itself just tasted like Cadbury Dream (their white chocolate) that was getting close to its expiry date. The worst part was the oily-textured aftertaste it left. It takes a lot for me to dislike chocolate, but I definitely disliked this Salty Vanilla chocolate.

Crunchy Corn Snack
Often when you get something supposedly flavoured like another food, it’ll taste vaguely like that other food but not really. These corn snacks tasted EXACTLY like real corn. I wasn’t expecting to like them that much but they were really nice.

Savory Shrimp Rice Crackers
I wasn’t expecting to enjoy these, but they were really nice. Similar to the shrimp crackers you get with Chinese takeaway, these also had a slight barbecue flavour in addition to the savoury rice. You can buy similar rice cakes here up they’re usually just plain as far as I know.

Pikachu Shaped Chocolate Puff
Being a Pokemon nut and chocolate lover I was most looking forward to these. So I was pretty disappointed when I tried one and discovered that they’re almost tasteless. It was kind of like eating Cocoa-Pops that have been left out for a few days and gone stale. If I’d got an Eeveelution as the sticker that came in the box I might have forgiven them, but I didn’t… So I won’t. *pouts*

Awawawawa Puccho Ball – Soda
Similar to the melon candy above, these are solid candy balls with a soda flavour, though these also have a coating that fizzes up when you eat them, making it feel like you’re drinking a real carbonated drink. The centre contains some sort of cold gel. A refreshing summer lolly.

Mugikko Chocolate Barley Puffs
In the February Tokyo Treat box, I got rice puffs coated in pink strawberry chocolate as part of the Valentine’s Day theme. These are the same but with normal milk chocolate. They were quite nice, with the savoury rice puffs offsetting the sweet chocolate. Sadly the packets are quite small, though.

Mini Watermelon Choco Chips
One of the best treats in this month’s box. These cookies really do taste like watermelon, and though they had choc chips, they were only small and fairly scarce, so the chocolate didn’t overpower the watermelon. I just wish the packet was bigger (although then I would have felt even more guilty about gutsing the lot in one sitting).

Bourbon Petit Pineapple Biscuit
Tiny little biscuit sandwiches with a pineapple creme filling. The sweetness of the biscuits and the tartness of the pineapple was a nice combination, and the bite sized biscuits were small enough that it was easy to just keep eating them as if they were Maltesers (which is pretty much what I did, eating the entire packet in one sitting).

Summer Annual Coconut Pocky
I love Pocky in nearly all of its variations, and the coconut one is no different. The pretzel-like sticks are dipped in milk chocolate with dried coconut flakes. Like other Pocky, they’re extremely addictive.

Kiwi Fanta +E
I’m not a huge fan of kiwis so this was another item I went into with a bit of apprehension. But aside from the peach drink I got a few boxes ago, I think this might be my favourite Tokyo Treat drink. There’s a definite kiwi flavour there but the sweetness is not overpowering, and the fizziness makes it a nice refreshing summer drink (even though it’s winter here).

Shakable Magic Jelly
The DIY snacks in the last few Tokyo Treat boxes were nothing special, I thought, so I was happy to get one that was not only fun to make, but also tasty in my July box. You pour one sachet of powder into the plastic cup provided, add a lidful of water and then shake it until it turns to jelly. After waiting for it to settle, you add the second sachet of power and a little more water, which, when stirred, turns into a fizzy foam. The foam tasted almost exactly like the Wizz Fizz powder I got as a child (and which I believe you can still buy in supermarkets), while the jelly part had a sweeter, more lemonade-like taste.

Squishy Cat
The last item in my box was a little squishy cat. There are five colours available, and you can squash and knead the cat to relieve stress. I feel like a monster squashing something so adorable though :\

That’s it for this month’s Tokyo Treat. I will probably get next month’s as well since it has a few interesting things, so check back here in August for my write up of the August premium box!

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