A random geek on the internet reviews video games. Sometimes rambles on about other game-related stuff.

IT/Multimedia tutor and PhD student in Melbourne, Australia. Enjoys writing fantasy novels, creating art and playing video games, as well as walking her dog.

Rex, who likes to

Rex, who likes to “help” (read: hinder) gamedragon86 with her writing.

Games reviewed will be a mix of old and new games and will generally be on Nintendo DS/3DS, Wii/Wii U or PS Vita. gamedragon86 admits she is a bit of a noob and generally prefers RPGs, puzzle games and platformers, so if you’ve come here for hard core reviews of the latest FPS, you should probably turn around and look elsewhere. Release dates shown are Australian dates and prices (in AUD) are correct at the time of writing.

Scoring system
5 paws: A perfect or near-perfect game, at least within its genre. Definitely worth buying.
4 paws: A great game with some minor flaws. Worth checking out.
3 paws: A decent game, possibly with several minor flaws or one major flaw, but still enjoyable.
2 paws: This game has some serious bugs or just isn’t a very good game. Some may find some enjoyment in it, but I’d recommend only buying it if you find it in the bargain bin.
1 paw: This game is either technically broken and/or just a terrible gameplay experience. Don’t waste your money on it.

I won’t often give games 1 or 2 paws, simply because I feel that to fairly review a game, I should finish it (at least the main story line). Unless the game is very short, I’m unlikely to bother finishing a game if I really don’t like it.

Also reviews art supplies and books.

All photos, screenshots and artwork on this page are my own unless otherwise stated (excludes re-blogged content). Some of my reviews are also published by Dark Matter Zine with my permission. Also, all games reviewed here were paid for out of my own pocket.


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