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Console: Classic Mini Nintendo Entertainment System NES (review)

When the first batch of Mini NESs was released late last year, I didn’t bother getting one because I figured I wouldn’t use it that much. Once people started getting theirs and talking about how much they loved it, however, … Continue reading

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Nintendo Wii U: Mini Mario and Friends – Amiibo Challenge (review)

Release date: April 2016 Developer: Nintendo Format: Digital download (eShop) Other platforms: Nintendo 3DS Price: FREE (requires Amiibo) In the last Nintendo Direct, we got a glimpse of Mini Mario & Friends: Amiibo Challenge, a free download coming to both the Wii U … Continue reading

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Nintendo Monopoly (showcase)

Twitter is a weird and wonderful place. Sure, you get the trolls and the crazies in abundance, but it’s also a great place to meet and talk to other people with similar interests (in my case, writing, fantasy and generally … Continue reading

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